At the beginning…


So, I did this thing. It’s not an amazing thing. Relatively small in the grand scheme of things. Ideas formed, characters were birthed and scenes played out. Ink staining paper until it grew big enough to be called a story. Something tangible and touchable that can be held and read and loved.

I wrote a book.

Well, a first draft anyways.  Still for some that’s a pretty big deal.  Now comes the fun part. The edits and re-edits and then sending the manuscript out for commentary and another round of edits, or two, or three.  Seems to be a never ending cycle.

And don’t get me started on doing this again with another story. Not that I wouldn’t. I totally would. Just looking forward to one story at a time and in the mean time.  I’m creating this blog as a diary of sorts. A way to keep tabs on where I’ve been and what I’ve done. Welcoming you all to follow along and hopefully one day I can looks back and say I did it.

I wrote a book

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