Crippling Self Doubt


I’m scared to touch it. I really am. Like it’s sitting on my desk staring at me. Practically screaming for me to read it.

I know at some point I’m going to have to. That I’m going to have to look at it and read it and maybe scratch somethings out and scribble in more things, but right now, in my head it’s perfect. It’s the perfect little thing that I don’t want to touch cause I’m terrified that it’s going to be a lot worse than I already know it is and I’m only going to make it even worse.

It’s that crippling self doubt that we all are plagued with. That shadow of a doubt that tells me I can’t do this. It’s a stupid endeavor and I need to back off.
I need to ignore that voice. Let it go and not worry about it because no matter how bad it is, I know, that I can make it better. With a little elbow grease I can make this better.

So, here I go.

Things to remember while editing your work

  1. Yes, its necessary.

  2. Copy-editing is the worse

  3. Take breaks or the mind will melt

  4. Find fellow writers to help ease the editing process

  5. Never give up. Never Surrender.

That’s is all

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