End of the Month Review

Let’s see what was awesome about this month.

Well at the very beginning I got to head to Fan Expo with my husband. It was his idea for an awesome 30th birthday present for himself and it didn’t disappoint. It was three days of just being a nerd hanging out with more nerds.
What can be better than that?
While there got some awesome photos of cosplayers that did amazing jobs.

Those are just a few.
My husband got to meet some of his favorite voice actors in anime and video games. One of them being the awesome Malie Flanagan that voice acts Naruto.


Honestly, I wasn’t really a fan until we got to see a panel featuring her and a few other woman voice actors. All of them great. I’m just horrible with names. My apologizes.
I, myself, got to meet with the guys from Boondock Saints. Sean Patrick, Norman Reedus and David Della . All three of them are just as amazing in real life as they are on screen and that’s not just the fan girl talking.

Sadly, wasn’t able to get a selfie with Norman. Oh well, all three really are sweet guys though.


Moving on from the beginning of April, things sort of slowed down. Went back to work and continued working on the revisions for Stop the Raven. Haven’t gotten as far as I wished due to my son and I getting sick about middle of the month.
Did start dividing the scenes into chapters and adding bits, removing others. It’s all coming along nicely.

A few thing that I have learned during this process.

-There really is no rushing this.
Just when I think I’ve got a good groove going and I’m moving along nicely something comes up and next thing I know I’m staring at some scene that doesn’t make a lick of sense to me and wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to fix it.
Sometimes that means completely rewriting said scene until it fits perfectly. And giving myself one hell of a headache in the process. Other times it’s just adding or removing a sentence or two. Nothing to strenuous.

-Trying to fix it all at once is not going to happen.
Not even going to lie. I’ve tried reading through the story and pick it apart all at once. Saying it’ll be fine. I’ll read through all the mistakes and fix them right up and all will be good.
Not gonna happen.
It’s gonna take multiple read throughs with multiple things being focused on one at a time. First the big parts. The rewrites. Ensuring that point A leads up to and matches up to point B and some where in there C and D blend in with A and B along with all the little details.
You know like making sure Jane’s eyes are blue at the beginning of the book and not red at the end. Unless she’s possessed somewhere between that time, then yeah red, black, some purple haze. Whatever sort of demonized look that you decide to give her. It’s all good just as long as it matches.
Then comes the dialogue and the grammar. All in separate read throughs and all at their own pace.
Though to be honest, the grammar part I’m finding to be the easiest and the most difficult all mixed in at once.

-The characters are still going to reveal themselves.
Yes, you heard me. The characters are still talking . Some scenes are working out well enough and I’m finding them nodding along like they’re watching some weird movie of what happened. Others, villains mostly, are still revealing themselves. I’m reading through and finding that some of the interactions with my protagonists aren’t matching up. And that’s okay. It’s only the second draft. Those things are going to happen and there’s no real guarantee that these guys are going to be the same guys that are going to be revealed in the final draft.
Most of them yes.
Not all though.
And that’s okay too.
Doesn’t seem to matter how many character sheets I went through in the outline phase and the number of random stories I put these guys through before writing the actual first draft, these guys are still going to talk to me. Which is good. I think I would kind of crazy without these voices in my head.
Either way. Things are moving on well enough in the writing process .If I could stop procrastinating long enough to actually finish any of this that would be wonderful. (Glares at the Outlast 2 Let’s Play Videos) Yes, I’m lookin at you.
May’s coming up though and aside from school coming to an end there’s not much going on this month. That I’m aware of. Having two boys in the house tends to make the day to day a bit more interesting.

It’s a vast world of the unknown….kind of like writing.

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