Looking for a CP



A quick update and an announcement! 

Another month has come and pass. I wouldn’t say it’s been busy but definitely interesting. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are out for summer and already they are at each others throats and are wanting me to play referee. Not that I don’t enjoy them home. I def have some much needed summer activities coming up, but the first week is always an adjustment period.

The New York trip with the husband is also coming up next week and aside for the packing and the planning I’ve met my goal of going through my Manuscript two (Three? Four?) more times before June and can now honestly say that I have no idea what else is wrong with this thing and am need of another set of eyes.

So, that leads me to my hunt for Critique Partners. Someone, or someones, that would be willing to read my paranormal/fantasy ms Stop the Raven and nit pick at it.

Cause it’s in sore need of some nitpicking.

So, if your interested and/or are looking for a CP as well I’m more than willing to swap MS let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter. Which ever you prefer.

Until next time.

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