The Disappearing Act

                Disappearing from social media isn’t an impossible task. It’s effortless in that you simply stop. No thought or plan to make it happen. You just don’t post that update, don’t write that next blog. Don’t reply to that message. It’s something that we’ve all thought about doing and some of us need to do on occasion.

Sometimes it’s unplanned and just happens. As in my recent disappearance. I didn’t mean to. I had every intention to keep posting blogs and keep up with the people in the writing community, but life got in the way.

The past four months have gone by in a blur and it’s dawned on me that I’ve hardly spoken to anyone, aside from family on Facebook, but that’s more out of necessity to inform that I’m still alive should they decide to send out a hunting party.

The rest of the introwebs: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Well…things happen.

Back in June (July?) I posted a video about needing to find a CP for my WIP. At the same time I was working extra hours at my 9-5 so that I could head back to school and get out of my work day slump.

I’m happy to report there was success in both departments. I found a wonderful CP that helped me narrow down my problem areas in my WIP and I managed to start an 8 week course to which I’ve passed and allowed me a promotion at work.

In the mean time my phone/ dependable camera broke down and I’ve been left with this cheap replacement that can’t even run the camera without freezing up, so recording videos is out of the picture at the moment. Luckily, I’ve still got the blog. Which means I can do some sort of update process.

Ha Ha Ha

So, while learning my new position I am also in the process of editing my WIP For the umptenth time and coming back to my blog to hold me accountable for such an act. Because, I know me, if I’m not holding myself accountable in some way then I will never finish what I start.

My plans for this exactly?

Well….for starters, I’m going to attempt to post weekly…bi-weekly….weekly is the start. If I have to do a check in than I’m more likely to get things done. In October I told myself to finish at least one round of edits, I’ve finished that but still have to go through and some rewrites for other scenes. Add in this here, remove that there type of thing. So, I’m holding myself accountable in November to finish the edits and get on to another around of CP trade or Beta reading.

My goal is to have this story being queried sometime by mid year 2018. If that’s the case I really need to get a move on with getting it ready for that. If doing the 8-week course over the summer has proven anything to me, it’s that I can focus and achieve my goals. I just need to be held accountable.

Secondly, I do plan to pick up blogging again. Eventually, I’ll attempt to get back into vlogging but that will require getting a decent camera and that may take a bit with Christmas and everything else coming up. I do have a family to think about above all this writing business. So, next year, for sure, I’ll try to get back into vlogging and keeping a regular schedule with that. For now, this is my outlet.

Thirdly, and this is going to be the real hurdle, coming up with meaningful blog posts. As with most things in writing it’s all be said and done. Doesn’t mean you can’t hear it from other peoples view points. So, if you’re looking for a specific posts, or wanting to know more on something, leave a comment and if it’s something I have any experience in, or been looking into, I will make a posts about it and go from there.

Until next time.

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