Things to be Grateful For


Truly aware that I shouldn’t need a holiday to realize what I’m thankful and I don’t, but figuring today is that holiday here’s a short list that I thank the universe for on a daily basis.

      1. My family and friends.

        This list is long but includes, my wonderful husband, my two beautiful children. Three people of which came into life unexpectedly and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My mother and father, the two that raised me into the strong, stubborn person that I am today. My brothers….you’re getting the idea.

      2. A steady job

        Of which I do actually enjoy despite the constant complaints that it’s the same drama in and out. It is, but that’s besides the point. I’ve met some pretty wonderful people at this job and I’ve enjoyed working there from the start.

      3. Long distance communication device. A.K.A Internet


        Maybe a bit, but without the internet I would not have been able to connect with and stay connected to all of my writer buddies, nor would I be able to put up this blog on a semi-weekly basis.

        Okay, so I’m getting better at the semi-weekly thing, but it’s a work in progress. As is most things in life.

      1. The ability to make quirky characters.

        I am thankful for the ability to create and share my characters and their stories with the world. I’ve always loved making up scenarios and playing them out, rather I was 5 years old playing with my barbie dolls or 15 years old writing stories in english class. It’s always been a delight for me.

      2. The fact that Christmas is around the corner.

        This one is pretty self explanatory. I love Christmas. The togetherness, the excitement and thrill that is in the air. It’s always been a favorite holiday of mine and I suspect it will remain so even when I’m old and gray.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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