Keep working on that story

With NANOWRIMO wrapping up and everyone preparing to move on from their manuscripts, rather finished or not, here’s a few reasons why you should keep working on that story.

  1. Because it’s your baby.

That story you started is a bit like an infant. It’s small and vulnerable and needs just a bit of attention and a lot of patience to become the best it can be. You need to take the time to mold it into something presentable worth sharing to the world.

2. The more you write the better you get.

You can’t just do something one time and expect to be great at it.

Okay, it happens at times. There are those who just ooze “natural born talent.” Like whatever they do they’re just great at it the moment they try.

Here’s a little secret.

Very few people are actually like this.

Even the greats writers of today, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, etc., all had to hone their skills and go over a few bumps in the road before they could be labeled the greats.

That’s life.

Here’s a motivational quote for you. “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

So even if you feel like you’re writing sucks now, keep at it. You’ll get better and will one day write your own masterpiece.

With that being said….

3.Why not start now?

Why not start that masterpiece now? Why not take those 50,000 words that you just typed up in November and edit, revise and form them into something worth sharing. Maybe you could get that publishing deal with those words. Or you could take a look at the manuscript and realize you could write something better.

Something worth working on.

My current WIP ,Call The Raven, isn’t the original story of a great idea. It’s more like the third attempt at an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone.

But I know that if I’d just written that original first draft and just looked at it and said “It’s good, but not publishing good” it would have been left on some forgotten hard drive by now and not currently being revised for the umpteenth time, but a hundred times better then the original.

In my opinion.

Point is, why not start working on that writing skill. Gaining knowledge and working towards publishing that awesome novel that you just spent a month slaving over.

    1. Finish what you start

If you’re one of the many people that start projects and don’t finish them.

Stop that!

I mean it.

It does you no good and doesn’t help you improve in the least. Even if it’s that crazy fanfiction that you started and decided was horrible.

Finish it. You don’t have to post it.

You can even delete it afterwards or print it out and bury it in the backyard.

Whatever you do with the story once it’s finished doesn’t matter. Point is you finished it.

Just like this story that you started back in the beginning of November, or whenever you started it, you need to finish it.

You can forget about it once it’s finished, but that’s beside the point.

5. The world needs writers.

Just like the world needs painters and musicians and any other form of art that people are willing to do. The world needs writers. Despite what the general population believes, the world is run by writers. Journalists, screenplay writers, bloggers etc etc.

All of them are writers. They put their words out there and make the world think, either through newspapers, magazines, movies or books. Either way. They are needed.

More of them are going to be needed because someone is going to have to keep the stories going. So write, paint and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Even if nothing you write ever get’s shown to the world. Even if the work is just for you.

Know that you are needed and that nothing should stop you from writing.

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