Taking that Break….or not.

Taking that break…

or not.

So, you finished Nanowrimo. Worked out 50,000 words or so and are now looking into jumping into the editing phase of that writing process. Which I hope is what you’re looking into and not ways to share that first draft that you just pounded out in thirty days cause nobody needs to be seeing that first draft.


But rather you finished that first draft or the sixth revision. We all know you need to take a bit of a break before plunging head first into those edits. Various people will tell you different time frames. Some say a month, others say a couple of weeks.

Really, it’s up to you how long you take away from that manuscript. Sometimes you don’t have a choice in how long you are away from your work. Beta readers and editors take your manuscript to make it better and it’s a waiting game while they pick apart that precious baby of yours.

 Here are  five things you can do with your new found “free time.”

  1. Work on another WIP

    If your one of those people that either make a living off your writing or can’t imagine life without some kind WIP in front of you. Chances are you have other story ideas needing to be let out. Rather it’s editing another manuscript or outlining that next great story. You have other stuff to work on.

  2. Spend time with family

    Being a writer you are always in your own little world and that means a neglected family. Rather it be spouse or siblings. Maybe some friends that haven’t seen you in a while. They probably want to know your alive and get some kind of an update on what you been up to.

  3. Read a book

    There’s a good chance you have a TBR list a mile long. Most writers are readers but they tend to neglect those much loved books whenever they are knee deep in the trenches of their WIP. Spend a week or so checking off those books that have been collecting dust on the shelves.

  4. Watch a television series

    Maybe your brain is fried from the amount of editing and research you had to do to complete that recent revision on a WIP and you don’t want to look at another word. That’s fine. There’s plenty of good TV series and movies on television. Probably wouldn’t hurt to sit back and watch a few.

  5. Play a video game

    Don’t like television. That’s fine. There’s plenty of video games. Some longer than others, some short and sweet. Either way, they are a good way to transport to another world and still experience that story telling mode.

Either way. It doesn’t hurt to take a break from that current work, relax. Put some distance between you and that story and come back to it after a few weeks with a fresh pair of eyes that will be more willing to see what needs to be worked on.

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