Staying Confident

    The beginning of the year is a bit like staring at a blank page. Your not quite sure what’s going to happen or where you’re are going to be at the end of those 365 days. Sure you can plan it out step for step and hope for the best. Much like writers do when they outline a story, but at the end of it all life throws surprises at you.

At every corner there’s another twist or bend in the road and sometimes you find yourself back tracking to figure out just where you went wrong. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s that phrase that goes around when life throws you a curve ball that says, “one step forward and two steps back.”

Or something like that.

The good part about it is you’ve still gained an inch or two. Doesn’t mean you have to cry redo. There’s still that tiny step forward that you managed to take each and every time and the point is you keep going. You’re going to make mistakes. Bad things are going to happen. You can cry about them, maybe even ponder them for a bit, but don’t settle on them.

Don’t let those bad things or horrible mistakes define you. Think on them when they happen. Learn from them and then go on. Keep reaching for whatever goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year and let the set backs go.

Easier said then done, I know but it is possible.

A bit of confidence helps in these situations. Even when your down and not sure what the hell your doing you can always fake that confidence.
Fake it til you make it.

Yes, I know I keep throwing random quotes at you but I hope your getting the message. There’s a hundred different sayings that tell us to keep moving. To keep striving. To not settle and they’ve been told to us all our lives.

Cause those people that told us are right. You have to fake ti til you make it. And yes it’s easier said then done but that’s why you do it. To prove to yourself that you can.

So this year, no matter what life throws at you. Take a deep breath, smile and tackle your goals with a vigor that would surprise your mother, or father. (or whatever figure head you have in your life.)

Here’s to making this New Year a great one!

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