Catching those winged creatures

That’s where these ideas come from. Little fairies, or storks…..whatever….come and drop these story idea into our heads and then leave us with this nugget of an idea that we have to somehow expand upon. It could be a line, a scene, or just a place.

The exact science hasn’t been worked out.

We’re just running around trying to catch these flying creatures so that we can squeeze new ideas out of them. Sometimes the tiny creatures get revenge by chunking multiple ideas at once and we’re left with a steady stream of half-written ideas and an overflowing ideas box.

And let’s not get us started on the when and where they decide to show up. I can’t count how many times I’ve been at work helping take care of a resident and something pops into my head and I just want to drop everything and run to the nearest pen and paper.

Luckily, this has never gotten me into any kind of trouble, but it just goes to show that inspiration waits for no man.

So throwing down some easy tips for inspiration isn’t really a thing that can happen, even though it’s been asked a million times. Some of my best advice, and typically works for me, is to read a book.

Try reading some historical fiction, or science fiction, or read that middle-grade book. Anything that isn’t your normal cup of tea. Broaden your horizons. Jump off that cliff. (Don’t actually do that, that’s not how you catch those darned winged beasts.)

Listen to some new music. Pull out those old 60’s albums, or try looking for bands from another country. I use to listen to a lot of Japanese Rock and still get inspired by that music from time to time.

Go for a walk! Get out of the house and make up your own adventure. I read a scene in Stephen King’s IT where the kids are just walking through the woods, and suddenly they are on a safari and it was flipping great! Complete change of pace and bit of the imagination working all at once.

Give it a try. Go in the backyard with your kids and see where your kids take you.

Careful though, if they are anything like my kids you’ll wind up in an episode of The Walking Dead.

Actually, go on an adventure. If you have the time and the money, actually go on a trip. Across country or the next county. Doesn’t really matter. Just go and do something, you’ll be amazed at what you might actually see.

(Seriously, there is some crazy shit out there.)

While you are at it, do some people watching. Maybe ease drop a bit. Just don’t get caught, or jump into their conversations. That get’s awkward. Trust me. I know this for a fact. (You could also wind up with a new set of friends, so….)

You are getting the gists here, right? There is no right or wrong way to hunt down those little-winged creatures, but can’t just sit around waiting for them to fly through your open window either.

Happy writing fellow scribblers,

Until next time!

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