July and Aug Wrap up and Sept – Oct Goals

July and August Wrap up

Sept-Oct Goals

           This is a tad late, I realize this. August took a bit of a turn writing wise and I’m essentially playing catch up. Kind of. Most of these goals didn’t get accomplished. Some because it got pushed to the back and others because of things outside of my control.

            So, here we go.

  1.  Finish Revisions for STR – I did this. I finished revisions at the second to last week of August and managed to meet the deadline for author mentor match submissions. I’m now sitting through September waiting to hear anything. I realize the chances of being picked is slim to none, but I’m also using the time to work on some other projects that have been sitting on the back burner.
  2. Post at least 8 videos on Youtube between July and August – Ha! Yeah, my record of procrastination didn’t fail on this one. I got a grand number of 2 videos between July and August. At least I attempted, right? No? Okay, we’ll call this one a fail and move on.
  3. Attempt an actual writing vlog – Now here I did say attempt. That means I did attempt and I filmed a couple of these vlogs and wound up actually just deleting because I didn’t like the results.
  4. Go on day trip with kids- Succeeded! Twice over! So, yay for fun times with the kids.
  5. Read three books that I already have – I managed to read two books, unless you want to count the self-help book that I read. Then yes, I read three books and counting this as a success.
  6. Post at least two short stories on blog – Nope. I did finish two short stories, neither are edited and only one could possibly be posted at this time. More on that in a bit.
  7. Continue eating healthier and being active – I’ve been eating healthier, more active is harder to do because I’ve been doing a lot of crazy writing to finish revisions.
  8. Finish the New York Trip Collage book – This one didn’t get completed. At first because I kept putting it off and then because when I finally got around to it my printer broke down. That’s right. No printer. So this is going to be put on hold until I can find either a new printer or other options. (Probably a trip to the library will be coming soon.)

So, now there’s the June and Aug wrap up and now we are moving on to September and October goals. I’m going to keep things simple again and this time maybe lesson the load a bit more. Make it a little more reasonable.

Starting off


  1. Outlining two stories – Seeing as I’ve got all of September not to do a whole lot with my main WIP Stop the Raven, I’m going to focus on some other projects that I’ve been neglecting. Starting with that short story that I mentioned earlier. It’s written and needs to be edited, then I will be trying to find some betas soon to look over it so I can edit it again so it can be submitted to an anthology. Deadlines in two weeks and I’m sure I can get it in by then. (By the time this is posted, I finished revisions on said short story and submitted it. Here’s to waiting for October to hear back on anything!) 
  2. Attempt 4  videos for Youtube instead of the 8 – That’ll be two videos a month and unless I keep procrastinating I’m sure I can get that done. Might even attempt one of those 24 hour writing challenge that I’ve seen going around.
  3. Read 3 books – I did this last couple of months, no doubt I can do this again so I’m sure I got this in the bag now.

So, that’s it. I’m not going to attempt far too many goals this month. Kind of relax and see what happens with the author mentor match and the anthology submission. Work on a few random projects in the meantime. So, til October fellow scribblers.  (Also I had a video for this update but it’s gotten deleted so I’m posting the script and I might refilm here in a bit, but we’ll see.)

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