Hearing no isn’t easy…

Rejection itself is not easy. Getting up to try again after so many rejections, or your posts at pitchwars doesn’t get any attention by agents, is the hardest part of your job. Hearing no isn’t the easiest thing, but getting up to try again is where we find our strength.

It’s like when you’re pushing through that slush pile of a first draft, or reading your story to revise it for the hundredth time. Something is wired into us as creatives that pushes us to keep going. Even when we’ve been told no again and again.

We get up, look at what we might have done wrong and try again. So that’s what I’m urging everyone, including myself, to do. Keep writing, keep pushing forward. Someday will appear before you know it and we’ll look back on this time when we endured with fondness.


Til next time.

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