Oddball gifts for those oddball writers

So last year I did a post on gifts for writers. It was the basic gift set, notepads, books and some candles. Nothing insane. And those things are still on the list, but here’s a few more items to add that might put a huge smile on that writer’s face.
1. Water proof paper  –

You heard me. Amazon has these water proof notepads that would be perfect for any creative person simply because if you’ve ever had that amazing idea mid hair scrub then you know why this is an essential.
It’s hard being a creative and coming up with ideas on the spot. It’s even worse when your brain decides to come up with that ten star idea the moment it starts to relax, (ie in the shower or in bed.) Hence why a water proof notepad would be adored. I know I sure want one.

2. Stuffed animals or some other such figurines –

It goes without saying that most writers like to announce that they are writers. Either through a website, coffee mug, t-shirt or some crazy stuffed creation. I myself have a stuff old fashioned laptop that my hubby got me for valentines last year. It’s cute and green and in the picture over here. Either way, get something that your writer can display proudly.

3. Magnetic Poetry

Its magnets with words that you can place on your fridge, or any other place that magnets can go, and when you need that much needed break from your computer or notebook then of course you can step away and head to the magnets to continue putting those words together.
Or make a note on wherever you have them displayed as a reminder for yourself or anyone else living with you. Plus their fun to look at. Unless I’m just an odd ball that likes to see random words in any sequences filling up all the spaces. Who knows.
Not to mention it comes in all kinds of additions, making it one of those (something for everyone) type of gifts.

4. Dungeons and Dragons books or other RPG Character Creation Books

I know I know. Some of you are screaming that you don’t like Dungeons and Dragons, but have you ever looked inside of those things. A recent Authortuber mentioned she started playing and just the character building sheets alone were giving her plenty of ideas, so why not look into it. Those books are chalk full of world building ideas, magic systems, and all sorts of creatures for the high fantasy author looking for some fun research ideas. So give it a go, if for nothing else then the character ideas.
If you happen to find yourself sucked into the game and a demogorgon is after you, well, don’t worry. Those pesky kids will come along eventually.

5. Distraction –
That’s right. Sometimes we just need a distraction. Us writers get so far into our own heads that we don’t realize how much we really need a break and if you distract us and find away to pull us away from our work for even a few minutes, you have no idea how happy we will be in the end.
Yes, we will probably roll our eyes and maybe even snap at you. Just smile, take it (please) and make us smile. In the end it’ll be much appreciated because we’ll go back to work with a clearer mind.


Hope you got some inspiration from this short list. Most items were found while looking through Amazon and none of the links are affiliate links.

Happy Holidays to you all and til next time.




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