Enjoying the Shorter Side of Things. Or my thoughts on writing short stories.

So after I finished drafting my second novel, the apocalyptic space story that I’ve decided to shelve, I discovered the joys and frustration of writing a short story.

It all came about when I found a open call for a few anthologies and thought…”hmm, I’m waiting on query responses anyways…” and I haven’t quite pulled myself out of the rabbit hole.

Especially when I found a nice little publisher called Black Hare Press and decided that I love ninety percent of their calls for anthologies.

Yeah, definitely got bit by some kind of bug.

Some of the best things I love about writing short stories is….

  1. It’s a much shorter distance from Point A to B. Literally, hook, line, sinker.

  2. No side quests to focus on. You are literally just solving the main plot.

  3. Less characters to keep up with. There’s no reason to add in that bit about Joe the clerk because the story will be over in five hundred words anyways

  4. You learn to tighten up your prose. All those extra, gorgeous words that you typically like to add to your stories easily gets replaced for shorter sentences.

But like everything else that you find in this world. Writing short stories doesn’t come without their draw backs.

For instance.

    1. No back story. Or at least not near enough space for a back story. Typically you have a word count that you have to hit, anything else you start reaching for novel status.

    2. Limited number of characters. This is one of those pros and cons things because of the word count you don’t have much room for multiple character descriptions.

    3. You run the chance of creating another novel. Sometimes a story idea latches on to you and just can’t stop writing. No matter what length you were originally going for.

    4. You run the risk of not connecting with your story. Because you are literally whipping through it, sometimes there’s that feeling of disconnect. This is typically when it might be a good idea to decide rather or not it’s worth even publishing or to go back to the drawing board.

Those are my pros and cons list. I hope this helps you decide rather or not you want to attempt short stories if you haven’t already. If you have what are some things that you liked or disliked about it. Let me know in the comments below and until next time.

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