Confession Time

I started out as a speculative fiction writer and have some how managed to find myself writing horror based stories. Simply because there is a very thin line between paranormal and horror and at some point you are going to cross it. That and I’ve found I actually enjoy writing in the genre.

Why is this a problem?

Well, I’ve never really been a fan of horror. Sure, I watched scary movies. Some I even enjoyed but I’ve never really dived head first. In fact, my love of scary stories has been a slow decent. I vaguely remember discovering Tim Burton and Ann Rice in high-school and that is about as much creep factor I got in my child hood.

It wasn’t until my senior year that I repeatedly watched Scream and The Haunting because I found them amusing and some what fascinating. Since then I have slowly dipped my toes into watching horror films. And when I say slow, I mean slow.

Like two years ago was the first time I watched Stephen King’s IT – The original film – and now I’ve find myself going through a whole back list of movies and books to figure out what I been missing.
Not that I never read Stephen King. I read his Tommy Knockers in freshmen year and didn’t even get half way through before the nightmares started. So, yeah, I put reading anything of his off for a really long time.

Have I mentioned before that I’m a walking contradiction.

It’s true.

A couple of examples.

I like The Exorcist but refuse to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

I love The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix version) but won’t watch Amityville Horror because it scares me shit-less.

Child’s Play is a fun movie for me to watch but I won’t watch Dead Silence. (In fact I usually don’t watch anything that has to do with dolls or possessions because I’ll be up for nights unable to sleep.)

So how does this help me write horror? I simply take the pieces that I know will keep me up all night and twist them into my own stories. For instance, I’m thinking of writing a bit about dolls.

Why? Because who isn’t scared of a creepy old dolls?

I have started getting through some books and films that truly terrify me just so I can learn how they manage to scare people with their writing and story telling. Hands on learning is always the best way to learn, for me anyways. So yes, this is my writerly confession. Don’t hate me for it. I am trying to work through a long list of old and new classics so that I can up my arsenal in films that truly terrify me while also trying to maintain my sanity.

My next endeavor is to get through the Evil Dead series -bonus point because I’ve already watched the first one- and find a way to watch Little Shop of Horrors. (Told you I have a long ways to go.)

But any who’s.

What are some genres that you’ve found yourself writing or reading that you never found interest in before? What got you interested in them?

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