Creating Some Quiet Time

As I sit here sipping my coffee and trying to think of something to write, I hear my husband play GTA Online, same as everyone else in this house, and I am reminded of why it’s important to carve out some quiet time.

Just a small hour or so where you don’t worry about anyone or anything to focus on something you enjoy. I usually use this time to play a video game and browse Youtube videos but whatever. I don’t typically focus on writing or blogs unless there is something that I really want to write and I def don’t focus on house work.

Mostly because I’ve started waking up earlier in the morning then the rest of the family and I know if I attempt any kind of housework one or both of the kids will wake up, and boom, no more private time.

This started because before the pandemic I would have most of the day to do whatever with the kids and husband at work, but now that isn’t so much an option.

As an introvert I need my quiet time. If I don’t get at least an hour to myself I usually wind up feeling overwhelmed and I start either shutting down or snapping at people for no reason.

And my kids really don’t deserve that.

So, I wake up earlier, drink my coffee, and enjoy some mindless fun on my computer before its time to wake everyone else up. Towards the end of that free time I usually wind up listing out what needs to be done for the day and find myself ready and motivated to get through that list.

Especially since all those morning cobwebs are out of my head and the fog has cleared.

The only reason I thought to bring this up is because I woke up this morning with just a few minutes to spare to wake the kids and make them breakfasts before their zoom meetings and school lessons started and it is usually non-stop from there. So I missed my private time and I’ve felt myself in that drag all day where I feel the need to just escape it all because I didn’t have my escape this morning.

Its become an important part of my self care and honestly, probably even after things go back to normal, I’ll be working to carve this time out still because its something I’ve come to depend on.

What’s one small thing that you do to take care of yourself? Do you carve out some quiet time? Go shopping, or some other small thing that allows you to clear your head and focus on your goals?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

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