End Of Camp

Much like the rest of the year, July went by in a whirlwind, and I’ve found that I haven’t done near as much as I originally intended. My goal for camp nano was to revise my story Stop The Raven and have it set for another read through in August before sending it off once again to publishers and the like. I started the process, got to chapter 6 and decided to start over. Only to realize I was doing a crappy job and needed to start over anyways.


Oh and I’m changing a plot point. Which means I need to give Olivia’s mother a name.

I know, shame on me, 4yrs of writing this story and the mother never had a name. There was never a need. But now there is.

Anyways, this is how far I’ve gotten.

I’ve started over on the revisions for Stop The Raven
Started a first draft a horror camp story that is due Sept. 1st (my birthday) that I’m not sure how to actually execute and wrote a 500 word short story that I needed to go and reread and edit a bit. Other than that, July was pretty uneventful.

2020-07-31 (1)Oh and I put up a thing for people to sign up for a newsletter. So I guess now I’ve got to actually create the newsletter and actually write shorts for that. Luckily, they can be shorty shorts.

Yeah, I’m just all over the place here. I’m also writing this with only half a cup of coffee in my system so forgive the ramblings.

Oh, and I found an editor for the my novella Beneath the Tracks. That will be sent off to them sometime this month and then I get to wait patiently (cough) for it to be sent back in a bloody mess.

So goals for August, because I’m not going to attempt making a two month plan here…..

-Send off Beneath The Tracks to editor.
-Make Stop The Raven less telly
-write a horror camp story
-edit 500 word short story
-write another 500 word short in case the first one fails.
-Write a newsletter (which will probably be out at the end of August)
-Prep kids for return to school in Sept.
-attempt to be more active on social media – this is going to require me talking to people so stay tuned.
-Figure out how to make a authorly business plan
-keep this blog running with updates.

Now….for the umpteenth time…If I could just focus on those 10 goals and not get myself into anymore. I’ll be great! There’s actually 11 that I need to do but that last one is a me,myself, and I goal that I will focus on later.

So, yeah…that is how July went. This is how August is looking and I’m crossing fingers that all goes well.

How did your camp nano go? Are those goals heading into August?

And until next time~

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