So if you’ve been following me on any other socials or my newsletter (which I highly recommend doing)for the past couple of months you would know that I’ve finally finished Beneath the Tracks. My small horror novella that I’ve been working on for the past year. Its now been edited and revised and shaped up to be one of my most proud works

And now it’s got a book cover and release date. Hence why I’m now finally updating this blog. Which I should have also been doing for the past couple of months but I’ve gotten in the habit of actually disappearing and so meh.

Sue me.

Anyways, I’m here now.

I’m doing the cover reveal which by the time I finish this it’ll have been up for a good day at least, but I also know this is where most of my traffic is. I’m just trying to build that traffic up as well. So, if you are interested, sign up for my newsletter at

There I put out all of my monthly updates. What’s going on in my life. New WIPS. New releases. The whole shebang.

I swear I am trying to get used to this whole social media thing. It works for others…and then there’s me.


Cover Reveal.

Which is why all of you clicked on this link and decided to be here. Go figure.

Riley and her best friend, Ace, are just looking for a place for themselves. Some where they can call their own. The forgotten railroad track with a tunnel underneath seems like the best place.
That is, until something snatches Ace from the tunnel and Riley barely manages to get him back.
Now Riley has to discover how to get her best friend to tell her what happened out there, so they can stop whatever it is that stalks them at night.

And there she is in all her beauty. I can’t tell you happy I am with that cover. I’ve gushed over it so much and just stared tearing up. The cover artist did an absolutely amazing job and I’m over hyped to show this off and announce that Beneath The Tracks ebooks are available for preorder at

Paperback and ebook formats will be available on April 14th which is release day.

And thank you all again for showing up and being here. And again if you want the newest information first please sign up for newsletter. I update once a month or when there is huge news available and don’t forget mark you calenders for April 14th for the release of Beneath The Tracks.

Or you could just do an ebook preorder and have it when it is first launched.

Which ever.

Until next time.

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