BENEATH THE TRACKS now available!!!

Not sure how I haven’t updated this here. I think I’ve screamed it from the roof tops in every other social media.
Even my twitch got a whole 6hr stream dedicated to the release day excitement. But of course, I didn’t manage to announce this here.

So here we are! I’m announcing the release of my first ever book and I can’t tell you how extremely happy I am to be making this announcement, albeit a tad bit late as it’s been over a week.

My apologizes in advance.


Getting past that part the first chapter is available as a preview here on my site and so if you are on the fence and not sure, please give it a quick skim and see if it’s something that you want to read more of.

All that being said. Here’s a couple of things that I’ve learned from this first ever release day

Be sure to push publish on your paperback copy 24 to 72 hrs before the actual publish day or you’ll be telling everyone “Paperback will be out later.” And lose a few sales. Oops

Your author copies will come after everyone else’s books have been ordered. Something to do with only paying printing costs, so Amazon don’t get that cash. Oh well.

Marketing is far harder then just posting. “Buy my book” every where. Go figure.

All that being said. It’s been an interesting first week as a published author and I’m already working on the next novel so it won’t be my last release day.

Please if you are interested, check out my book, and until next time!

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