Day Four || What Will Happen If You Don’t Change?

Summary: What’s the worse that could happen?

This exercise will help you take a look at what would happen if you didn’t make any changes or change any of your habits. It’s important to think about, because doing so will give you motivation. But before you do this worksheet, be sure to listen to the accompanying audio lesson.

What if you don’t change?

Use this space to consider what will happen if you don’t make any changes. What will your life look like? Where will you be with your writing? What’s the worst case scenario?

Worst case scenario, if I don’t change I’ll still be sitting here. Tinkering at a story that may or may not one day get published. That story and others won’t have an audience and will sit unread on Amazon, much like my current novella does. And if I don’t change my health habits I could wind up gaining more weight, being even more tired, and even less active then I am now and wind up with a ton of health issues that I can’t afford to be having.

What if you do change?

Now for the fun part- looking at what will happen if you do change. Consider: What will your life look like? Where will you be with your writing? What’s the best case scenario? Allow yourself to really be inspired by what’s possible for you.

Best case scenario would be that by creating a daily writing habit I can have two books out by next year, maybe a short story to release for free for my newsletter. Consistent content on youtube means I could finally break that 100 subscriber mark that’s been just out of reach for a while.

Keeping an eye on my calories and walking every day means I could finally lose the weight I’ve put on since I had my kids and feel so much better about myself.

Be sure to follow the blog and follow me over on Instagram for daily updates on this ongoing progress. If you are interested in doing this 30-day challenge for yourself then head on over to Amazon and grab the Align Your Writing Habits to Success by Jennifer Blanchard. Inside is filled with the daily antidotes and exercises to get your thinking about your daily habits and goals along with linked podcasts.

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