Day Ten || Review Your Daily Goals

Day 10 Exercise: Take 30 to 60 seconds to just check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What are you thinking? Are you on track with what feels true for you? Do this every day for the rest of this challenge (and the rest of your life).

So day ten checking in.

How am I feeling? Stressed. Like I’ve put so much on one plate that I’m not sure how I’m going to get everything done. Again this goes back to yesterday’s post about taking things one step at a time and making things work.

What are you thinking? That smaller steps might achieve more. Meaning focusing on thing at a time until some momentum is built up might not be such a horrible thing.

Are you on track with what feels true to you? Despite everything, yes. I’ve focused more on my goals and how to achieve them in the past week, heck the past month, then I have in a long while and I’m enjoying the slow and steady progress that comes with checking things off on the to do list.

(Now to just write that check in down some where?)

Be sure to follow the blog and follow me over on Instagram for daily updates on this ongoing progress. If you are interested in doing this 30-day challenge for yourself then head on over to Amazon and grab the Align Your Writing Habits to Success by Jennifer Blanchard. Inside is filled with the daily antidotes and exercises to get your thinking about your daily habits and goals along with linked podcasts.

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