Day Eighteen || Keep Going Even if You Fall Off

Summary : Sometimes we fall off track for our new habits, but you’ve got to get back on and keep going,

Exercise: Listen to the recording. If you’ve fallen off track at all, commit to getting back on and finishing this challenge strong. 

  So, I might have fallen off, but only because I’ve gone to visit family for the week. And as such have just been trying to enjoy myself and visit with those I haven’t seen in a while. That of course means not focusing on other things. 

I’m still trying to keep up with writing though, and this blog challenge. So, I haven’t forgotten everything.

Be sure to follow the blog and follow me over on Instagram for daily updates on this ongoing progress. If you are interested in doing this 30-day challenge for yourself then head on over to Amazon and grab the Align Your Writing Habits to Success by Jennifer Blanchard. Inside is filled with the daily antidotes and exercises to get your thinking about your daily habits and goals along with linked podcasts.

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