Day Twenty- Three || Stop the Comparisons, Like Now

Summary: Everyone plays the comparison games. It’s human nature to look at how far our friends and colleagues are and think “I should be as far as them” and we ignore all the progress that we have made.

Exercise: Grab your journal and write about how, when and, most importantly, why you compare yourself. And then make an agreement with yourself to give it up.

My biggest fault is comparing myself to my fellow authortubers. I have to actively look away from people’s viewer counts or follower counts or I find myself getting depressed that I’m not that far. 

Even though I know it’s my own doing. 4 yrs on youtube and I’ve barely managed to keep a consistent schedule or post consistent content. I come and go and post whatever comes to mind. While others have managed to keep going and pushing forward. 

And it’s not even that I don’t enjoy making videos and filming them. I start watching vlogs and other videos and think “I could do that. That would be fun to put together’ and start thinking of all the ways to make it my own. So, I know it’s not because I don’t enjoy it. I just get so easily burnt out and there are weeks where I don’t feel like doing anything. Then one week turns to another and then it’s been six months since I last posted a video and I’m back at square one. 

So, here I am. Doing this 30 day challenge and promising that even if I don’t post a video one week for whatever reason, I will keep going and pushing forward. And I will stop beating myself up for my one ‘perceived’ failure when I see others getting further and doing better than I am.

 Be sure to follow the blog and follow me over on Instagram for daily updates on this ongoing progress. If you are interested in doing this 30-day challenge for yourself then head on over to Amazon and grab the Align Your Writing Habits to Success by Jennifer Blanchard. Inside is filled with the daily antidotes and exercises to get your thinking about your daily habits and goals along with linked podcasts.

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