Camp Nano Week 1

So, week one went about as well as I expected with company here. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed spending time with my dad. Lord knows I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I would like to, but it also left little room for writing.

With that being said, I got a grand total of two and a half chapters revised on Stop The Raven and nothing else.

As apparent by the fact that I’m just now writing out this blog to be posted on Friday. That being said, I have no kids for the night and none in the morning and a handful of writing sprints to catch up on so maybe I’ll get something accomplished.

Crossing fingers here

Honestly, someone just needs to take The Sims game away from me and I might actually accomplish a tad bit more. I’ve also got to go back to work this weekend after two weeks of being away from the place.

So Monday is looking like a good day to catch up, right?

We’ll see.

I’ll also be looking into the EverGreen Writing Retreat that takes off this afternoon. If you haven’t heard of it, its a free virtual retreat hosted by a slew of fun loving authortubers. There will be workshops and various panels that you can attend over the weekend or re-watch any time through youtube.

Website is here: if you are interested in attending. At least give it a peek and see if there is something that you might be interested in.

(Also they have stickers) Just saying.

As you’ve probably guessed I don’t have anything to do with this, I just love the idea of a virtual retreat and am looking forward to watching all of their videos.

Though that might also mean little to no work gets done. Either way, it’ll be a learning experience.

But that’s the update for Camp Nano.

I hope all of you attending Camp this year is making far more progress then me and until next time!

First Day of Camp Nano

A week ago I announced that I was going to do Camp Nano by editing my MS Stop The Raven and today kicked off with an interesting start. While I did manage to work on a writing project it wasn’t Stop The Raven. I spent the day between editing my short story Eldrich’s Forgotten for a submission that just opened up and cleaning my house.

This is a story that I wrote last year for a Black Hare Press submission that got rejected and thought I would tidy it up since I’ve realized some of my common mistakes since that time and submit it some where else. Crossing my fingers it finds a home here, but we’ll see what happens.

And yes, I know I could have done all of the cleaning and editing this past two weeks but I’ve been in a writing slump. Including editing anything that needs to be looked at.

Part of the reason I said I would attempt Camp Nano is because I’m hoping it will give me that drive needed to complete this long ass project.

But that’s not to say that all is wasted. With Eldrich’s Forgotten finished and just needing another read through and my house mostly clean I can focus on Stop The Raven for most of the day tomorrow and ot to mention I have this July 4th weekend off that will allow me to hopefully catch up in the coming weeks. So the first day went kind of sideways, but I worked on a project, and I’m proud of myself for that.

Was it the project that I really wanted to work on? No.

But after two weeks of goofing off and not working on anything it was good to just deep my toes back into the writing process and for that I always be excited about.

So here’s to the first day of Camp Nano officially in the bag and here’s to hoping that the rest of the month goes without anymore hick-ups.

Until next time!

Camp Nano in July?!?

Three times a year Nanowrimo comes around. The official adventure of pounding out 50,000 words happens in November and then the more casual Camp Nano happens around April and July. I didn’t participate in the April camp simply because I didn’t have the time and I wasn’t really working on any writing projects.

This time though I’m going to attempt to revise Stop The Raven over the course of July. If I’ve mentioned this in past blogs, my apologies for repeating myself. If I haven’t, well, here we go. I’ve recently gotten some feed back that my MS Stop The Raven is a bit to telly and not enough showy so I get the ever joyous task of going through and fixing all of that.

I’m also trying to shut my brain off from making any “minor” changes to the plot line but we’ll see how that goes.
For now though.

My past Nanowrimo attempts have gone sorely wrong. Mostly because I have a tendency to start something and then get sidetracked by something else.

Glares at The Last of Us 2

There’s also the fact that I have family coming to visit for a whole week at the start of July, and while I’m excited for this, it also puts a damper on my whole revising scheme.

So what’s the stacks?

Well, STR is 31 chapters- or 75,411 words- long and to be fair its been a good year since I’ve read it. I started submitting to agents at the beginning of 2019 and received a ton of rejections and in 2020 decided to submit to some small presses. Which is where I got the nugget of advice from

So, it’s been a good year since I’ve read through the entire MS. I’ve glanced over it from time to time and have reread some of my favorite parts but I haven’t read the whole thing in over a year. So going through this MS again is going to be an interesting ride.

One I’m actually looking forward to, though, I probably need to come up with some sort of game plan if I’m going to survive these revisions.

Ideally it would be nice to do a chapter a day and badda-bing-badda-boom. Revisions complete.

Commence the next phase.

However, I work weekends and- like I said- I’ve got family coming to visit. So math wise- if I’m calculating it right because I suck at math- it will have to be at least a chapter and a half for 22 of those days in July. Skipping weekends mainly. I could probably still get up early in the mornings before anyone else and rewrite a whole chapter and a half while family is here.

5am writer’s club is a thing, right?

So anyways.

Those are the plans for Camp Nanowrimo.

No, I haven’t joined a cabin, not sure if I’m going to this year because of my ever failing success rate, but I will be there participating with the rest of you crazy scribblers this year and rooting every single one of you on.

Is anyone else joining Camp Nano this year? What are your plans if you are?

Until next time.

June Writing Updates:

June Writing Updates:

Consistent at being Inconsistent

So, it has come to that point where I once again update you on what is going on with my writing and other projects. It’s been a long fought rode this month, especially since May went by so quickly and I only managed to push out one short story.

Either way.

Here’s a list of things going on for the ongoing future.

Short Stories:

-My story ‘Carter Hates Coming Home” is now available in Scary Snippets Family Edition and ‘No More’ is available in Scary Snippets Sibling Edition. Both can be found on Amazon and links are in my publication page.

-My short story for Coffin Blossoms was rejected. Which is fine. I’ll find another space for the fun loving elephant Georgie and his murderous ways.

Still have a short story to write for Blood and Ash. Not one hundred that I’m going to get this one in like I originally wanted.

And also need to write a short for It Comes From the Sea. Or I could just revise Stratton Hold to work with this submission. We will see what can be done. Crossing fingers here But that isn’t due until Oct. Which I just know is going to creep up on me.

The two final calls for Scary Snippets. Camp fire Edition and Virtual Edition that are due later this year. I’m going to try and get a head start for both of them in the coming months. If you are a horror writer and wish to submit head on over to the Scary Snippets FB page for further information.


Doing another around on my novella that is now named Beneath The Tracks. It’s only the tenth name change since first writing it. It’s fine. But its going through another round of editing and revisions. A final change and then hopefully off to an editor. Crossing my fingers here that I can actually talk the hubby into paying for one.


Stop The Raven is officially off the submission list and back into editing and revisions. After a year of rejections and some recent feedback that informed me there was more showing then telling I’m going to go through this story with a fine tooth comb and edit and revise where necessary. I’ll send updates when anything has changed on this story.

Current TBR:

Finally finished The Shining by Stephen King and have decided to take a break from horror and thriller drama to enjoy something a bit more light-hearted.

Which is why I’m reading Opposite of Always by Justin A Reynolds.

Here’s the blurb:

When Jack and Kate meet at a party, he knows he’s falling – hard. Soon she’s meeting his best friends and Kate wins them over as easily as she did Jack.

But then Kate dies. And their story should end there.

Yet Kate’s death sends Jack back to the beginning, the moment they first meet, and Kate’s there again. Healthy, happy, and charming as ever. Jack isn’t sure if he’s losing his mind.

Still, if he has a chance to prevent Kate’s death, he’ll take it. Even if that means believing in time travel. However, Jack will learn that his actions are not without consequences. And when one choice turns deadly for someone else close to him, he has to figure out what he’s willing to do to save the people he loves.

I said this was light-hearted, right?


I might need to double check the meaning of those words. Lol I’m 50 pages in already and I’m squealing at the cuteness even though I know the waterworks are well on their way.

Current TBW (To be watched):

Ready or Not…the movie about the bride being hunted by the grooms family in a game of hide and seek. (I know I said no more horror but movies don’t count and this looks like so much fun.)

Scooby Doo…because it’s Scooby and what else am I going to watch?

Continue watching X-Files…I am on season 2 and while I love the series I find myself stopping and going because of all the other projects that I have going on at the moment.

So, anyways. There is everything that I have going on for the month of June even though we are half way through it already.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Stay safe! And until next time!

Reading Slumps

So, as I sit here staring at the last three chapters of book that I’ve been reading for the past year, I wander how the hell I managed to drag this book out for a year. Its a 659 page thriller from an author that I absolutely love (The Shining by Stephen King if you’re interested) and yet I seemed to drag my way through this entire novel.

Which irritates me because I managed to read IT in 3 months and Lord Of The Rings in 1 month -Which was a whole different behemoth of a task but still- it shouldn’t have taken me that long to read this but here we are.

The only thing I could think that slowed me down is that I’m in a bit of a reading slump. Sure, I’ve read this book bit by bit, and a couple of anthologies but those were to give out reviews.

Otherwise, I just haven’t been in the mood to read.

Reading slumps are just one of those things that happens to book lovers on occasion. You can have an amazing year where you read 50 some odd books and the next you drag through maybe 10, or none.

Reading is an act that supposed to be relaxing. A way for people to escape their every day lives and just enjoy someone elses happiness- or troubles if you prefer crime or horror- but its not supposed to feel like a chore.

And I think that’s where my troubles began. I started telling myself that I need to read this book to learn from it because it fit into my genre, and I needed to read that book to keep up with trends, and read whatever is new that I forgot to actually enjoy what I’m reading. I was no longer reading because I wanted to but because I had to and it just threw me off.

So how does one get out of these reading slumps?

Well, I’m not sure if I’m the best person to come to for this considering my current state, but I’ll give a few tips for how I’ve gotten out of it in the past. These are things I have been trying or will try now.

So here we go…

Tip #1: Just don’t push it. There are various forms of media out there besides reading. There are movies, video games, whole series that you can binge. I’ve been doing a mixture of all three and while I’m gonna continue watching X-files and play Last Of US 2 that is coming out next week, I’m still feeling that urge to pick up another book already set in.

Just got to decide which book.

Tip #2: Go for shorter stories. There is plenty of novellas that you can pick up that are no more than a hundred pages or so that make for quick reads. Anthologies are an abundant source of short stories that you can read through and pick at your leisure.

You really don’t have to go for a full fledged novel all the time.

Tip #3: Change the type of stories that you are reading. Sometimes that reading slump is just a lack of excitement. When you read in the same genre all the time you pick up trends, or cliches, and those cliches can get boring after a while. So if you typically read YA fantasy try going for the mystery novels, or historical fiction. Mix it up, who knows you might actually find stories you enjoy.

Tip #4: Try an audio book. Maybe the issue isn’t you don’t want to read but you don’t have the time. Audio books offer a great way for you to get those reading goals in while you are driving or moving around the house.

Tip #5: Just pick through one book at a time. This is what I’ve been doing for the past year. I haven’t felt like reading any other books but I slowly made it through one book. During random breaks throughout the day, waiting in the car etc. Hence how I’ve managed to read it least one book during this slump.

And it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the story. Like I said, it is a book written by one of my favorite authors and The Shining is such a classic story and yet I picked through it. Slowly but surely made it chapter for chapter. Sometimes going weeks without touching it.

Just because you go long periods of time doesn’t mean you are not a book lover. We all go through slumps where we stop doing things we love just because of burn out. After a period of time we usually wind up picking up those hobbies again like we never dropped them in the first place.

Until next time!

So, what are some of the things you do during a reading slump? What was your longest period of not reading a book?

Creating Some Quiet Time

As I sit here sipping my coffee and trying to think of something to write, I hear my husband play GTA Online, same as everyone else in this house, and I am reminded of why it’s important to carve out some quiet time.

Just a small hour or so where you don’t worry about anyone or anything to focus on something you enjoy. I usually use this time to play a video game and browse Youtube videos but whatever. I don’t typically focus on writing or blogs unless there is something that I really want to write and I def don’t focus on house work.

Mostly because I’ve started waking up earlier in the morning then the rest of the family and I know if I attempt any kind of housework one or both of the kids will wake up, and boom, no more private time.

This started because before the pandemic I would have most of the day to do whatever with the kids and husband at work, but now that isn’t so much an option.

As an introvert I need my quiet time. If I don’t get at least an hour to myself I usually wind up feeling overwhelmed and I start either shutting down or snapping at people for no reason.

And my kids really don’t deserve that.

So, I wake up earlier, drink my coffee, and enjoy some mindless fun on my computer before its time to wake everyone else up. Towards the end of that free time I usually wind up listing out what needs to be done for the day and find myself ready and motivated to get through that list.

Especially since all those morning cobwebs are out of my head and the fog has cleared.

The only reason I thought to bring this up is because I woke up this morning with just a few minutes to spare to wake the kids and make them breakfasts before their zoom meetings and school lessons started and it is usually non-stop from there. So I missed my private time and I’ve felt myself in that drag all day where I feel the need to just escape it all because I didn’t have my escape this morning.

Its become an important part of my self care and honestly, probably even after things go back to normal, I’ll be working to carve this time out still because its something I’ve come to depend on.

What’s one small thing that you do to take care of yourself? Do you carve out some quiet time? Go shopping, or some other small thing that allows you to clear your head and focus on your goals?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

Confession Time

I started out as a speculative fiction writer and have some how managed to find myself writing horror based stories. Simply because there is a very thin line between paranormal and horror and at some point you are going to cross it. That and I’ve found I actually enjoy writing in the genre.

Why is this a problem?

Well, I’ve never really been a fan of horror. Sure, I watched scary movies. Some I even enjoyed but I’ve never really dived head first. In fact, my love of scary stories has been a slow decent. I vaguely remember discovering Tim Burton and Ann Rice in high-school and that is about as much creep factor I got in my child hood.

It wasn’t until my senior year that I repeatedly watched Scream and The Haunting because I found them amusing and some what fascinating. Since then I have slowly dipped my toes into watching horror films. And when I say slow, I mean slow.

Like two years ago was the first time I watched Stephen King’s IT – The original film – and now I’ve find myself going through a whole back list of movies and books to figure out what I been missing.
Not that I never read Stephen King. I read his Tommy Knockers in freshmen year and didn’t even get half way through before the nightmares started. So, yeah, I put reading anything of his off for a really long time.

Have I mentioned before that I’m a walking contradiction.

It’s true.

A couple of examples.

I like The Exorcist but refuse to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

I love The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix version) but won’t watch Amityville Horror because it scares me shit-less.

Child’s Play is a fun movie for me to watch but I won’t watch Dead Silence. (In fact I usually don’t watch anything that has to do with dolls or possessions because I’ll be up for nights unable to sleep.)

So how does this help me write horror? I simply take the pieces that I know will keep me up all night and twist them into my own stories. For instance, I’m thinking of writing a bit about dolls.

Why? Because who isn’t scared of a creepy old dolls?

I have started getting through some books and films that truly terrify me just so I can learn how they manage to scare people with their writing and story telling. Hands on learning is always the best way to learn, for me anyways. So yes, this is my writerly confession. Don’t hate me for it. I am trying to work through a long list of old and new classics so that I can up my arsenal in films that truly terrify me while also trying to maintain my sanity.

My next endeavor is to get through the Evil Dead series -bonus point because I’ve already watched the first one- and find a way to watch Little Shop of Horrors. (Told you I have a long ways to go.)

But any who’s.

What are some genres that you’ve found yourself writing or reading that you never found interest in before? What got you interested in them?

Want to check out my recent short story, go check out my story Janet’s Price in Blood and Beetles available on now Amazon.

Our Apocalypse Could Have Been Worse

To say the past couple of months have been … interesting is a bit of an understatement. None of us really expected to be locked up in our homes by mid-march because of some crazy virus that the CDC just couldn’t control. And now we’ve gotten confirmation on UFO’s and Killer Hornets have invaded the US.

Yeah, 2020 is shaping up to be a hell of a year.

Though most of us will admit that its not quite the apocalypse that we wanted. Admittedly some of us we’re really looking forward to zombies in our local area but beggars can’t be choosers. And since lock-down seems to be coming to a close with businesses opening back up in some areas, here’s a few novels that we can be thankful didn’t actually take place.

*** Warning: Possible Spoilers ahead***

  1. Under the Dome by Stephen King – I believe this novel gets over looked simply because it’s one of his newer based ones and the television series made it a bit of an odd film. But Under the Dome is all about a small town that gets cut off from the rest of the world due to some sort of dome being placed around it and it becomes a ticking time bomb as air pollution, lack of oxygen, and morals run low all across the town while people try to discover some way to lift their prison.

    It’s not his most talked about end of the world story like The Stand or The Dead Zone, but it’s definitely up there and worth the read. Considering most of us have gotten that small taste of isolation for ourselves. Thankfully we weren’t cut off from the rest of the world like they were in the novel.

  2. The Murder Complex By Lindsay Cummings – It’s Hunger Games. Kind of. The Murder Complex is all about dystopian future where a plague has devastated most of the world but a unique society that exists in Florida and is run by the murder complex, an organization that tracks the population with precision.

    This is an interesting take on dystopian world as the two MC’s learn more about each other and their growing distrust of a government that doesn’t care rather any of them live or die.

  3. Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie – This one of those morbid type books that I received in a subscription box and cried buckets of tears over. In this book all the worlds children get sick and die within a day and the story only gets worse from there. With all the illness and loss going on in the world, let’s be thankful that its nothing like the events in this book.

  4. Borne by Jeff Vandermeer– Its never quite stated what happened to the world where the MC Rachel scavenges through, but its a pretty desolate and dangerous place. The story seems to suggest that the biotech corporation destroyed it in some way. Leaving behind tons of biotech that’s just plan dangerous – like the huge bear that floats around the city- and a small little creature called Borne.

    In the end this is a really interesting read that is about learning to love and letting go and seeing the beauty of the world through another person’s eyes. It could also stand as a bit of warning as to what could happen to humanity should large corporations lose control of their creations.

  5. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson – This book is about Neville, who when we first come across him seems to be the last man on earth who is still looking for a cure to the zombie like creatures that now inhabit it. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen the movie, even longer since I read the book, though I vaguely remember hating the movie for not sticking to the book. As it so typically goes.

    But I remember finding it a bit depressing for the simple fact after everything he goes through and discovers, he comes to terms that the “monsters” roaming the earth is the new normal and he’s actually the villain.

    Only depressing when you think that some day or normal will no longer exist and another evolved form of humanity will come through replace all that we know.

BONUS Apocalyptic material.

Death Stranding – I was originally going to keep this post to focus mainly on books that I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed but Death Stranding has a really good message that feel needs to be heard now, more than ever.

Death Stranding is a PS4 video game about a guy names Sam Bridges who is a porter and is tasked with the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE job of reconnecting the world. (Or at least North America) In the game you travel from one coast to the other – over mountains and through the woods- to bring various communities various supplies and connecting them to the Chiral Network all while fighting strange creatures called BTs that you can only see if carrying a BB, MULES that steal your cargo, and rogue porters that are just out to destroy the world for their own means. But all through the game there’s one phrase that is repeated over and over which is “Tomorrow is in your hands.”

Essentially, while you are a single player doing all these missions alone, there’s a constant need to interact with other characters and constantly forcing you to make connections from part of the game to the next. Hell, it’s run on an online system that allows other players to build something that you can use and later add to if you really wanted to. The whole game is about connecting the world and connecting with other people, and reminding all of us that we are stronger together.

A pretty wholesome message for a video game, in my opinion.

If you haven’t checked it out, by all means, go do it. If nothing else you can watch Norman Reedus track across the mountains for a couple of hours…lol…and go check out all the other books listed if you haven’t already.

And remember we’re going to survive these strange times. Together. Stay safe and take care.

Until next time.

Also…this quote from the villain Higgs just rings true on so many levels “Nothing like the eve of extinction to bring focus to the mind. Makes folks honest.” And yes, I totally heard that in his voice. lol

Laying Out Some Plans

Laying Out Some Plans

Yes, I know. I’m doing that dreaded thing where I lay out all of my plans for the next couple of months. I use to do this on a regular basis but soon discovered that I would write everything out, post it, and then nothing would happen. Or hardly anything would happen and I would have to admit how much of a lazy bum I really am.

I think I’ve admitted that plenty here on this blog. It’s no secret that I will procrastinate on a project until the project no longer matters.

I’ve gotten better about this. Meeting the deadline for anthologies that I wish to be published in have really pushed my drive to set a time frame and meet it. Part of the reason I’m doing this goal thing again because there are a couple of anthologies that I wish to attempt to get into this time around.

These deadlines are also the reason I tend to disappear from all other social media for weeks because I’m really bad at clustering my time to work on different projects.

My apologizes.

I’m trying to get better.

So, without further ado, here’s my goals for May and June.

  • Finish this underground novella. – This is a project that I’ve been working on for at least 6 months and you would think after that much time I would be finished but of course I’ve held off until the very last minute. The final call for this novella series is in June and I’m going to hustle to get this one in. Even if it doesn’t get accepted here, I am going to work to get it edited and eventually published on my own simply because I really do enjoy this story.
  • Coffin Blossoms Anthology – This is supposed to comedic horror. And while I’m still relatively new to the whole horror genre I do want to explore what I’m capable of so I’m going to attempt this. So, this is due at the end of May and I’m — once again — going to find out if I’m capable of coming up with something before that end.
  • It Calls From the Sea submission – haha, luckily this one doesn’t open until July and I’ve already gotten something written that I want to try and submit. I just need to go in and re-read, revise and yada yada yada
  • Tick Tock Short- Or another one anyways. I’ve submitted something for this anthology but I’ve been brewing up another idea to send it that might be better than the last. IDK. But luckily it’s only a 500 word submission and typically I can finish that all in one day.
  • Youtube- at least one video up in May and in June. I was doing really good at keeping up with the one video at the end of last year and I then I started buying a house and the moving process and it’s all kind of gone to shit. But that’s life. Best laid plans and all that. Now that I’ve got a schedule with my kids and if I can get my ass out of bed earlier, I might be able to actually do this.
  • Weekly blog posts – This is where planning ahead would actually do me some justice. If I can just spend a couple of hours in the day writing blog posts I would have this made. Admittedly, I’ve got the habit of getting stuck on an idea and not moving away from it until I realize it’s been five hours and only a paragraph is written. Go figure. I will do better.


  • Reading at least one book a month- I’ve fallen on the way side of my reading. It’s been a slowly coming to halt for the past year, but has completely stalled out as of now. I realization I had when I moved and came across The Shining that I picked up last February(?) and never actually finished. I’ve read some anthologies and a lot of fan-fiction but not a whole lot of actual books and I need to get back into reading them again. So, here’s my goal post to do that. Starting with finishing the damn Shining!

There is one other goal of actually getting my novel STOP THE RAVEN publish. I was looking into small indie presses and submitting to them but unfortunately most of them have stopped looking at submissions due to shortened staff because of Co-Vid, so the universe has stalled my plans on this one, but I am here to say I’m not giving up on this story. It’s just been temporarily pushed to the side.

There’s also another whole novel that I will eventually get to writing at some point. You see it under the big “Top Secret” in the picture. It’s going to be a fun project idea that my husband gave to me. Just the technical details of the whole thing is what’s putting me off. Maybe for the next –camp nano (?) —or nanowrimo I’ll actually take it on and see what I can do with it.

Those are my writing goals for the months of May and June. I will check in when June has finished to inform you what has happened and what hasn’t. Keep in my mind I’ve got personal goals and basic life mixed in there as well, so of course some of these things may just end up pushed to the side.

Crossing my fingers that I manage to find the time and energy to do all these things however.

Until next time

5 movies that I’ve seen but haven’t read the books to.

5 Movies that I’ve seen but haven’t read the books

So as a general rule that I’ve kind of adopted when I was in high school was if there was a book based on a movie I would try to read the book and then watch the film, or watch the film and then read the book.

I’ve mostly succeeded in this venture.

There are several books that I can honestly say are far better than the movie. (Honestly, we can say this about a lot of books to movie adaptions.) But there is, of course, a handful of films that I watched before I read the books, or even knew they were books. It’s only a recent discovery that I learned they will sometimes base a book off of a movie. Suicide Squad is the movie to book adaption that made me aware of this practice. Why bother is beyond me, but whatever.

There are some books that I haven’t bothered reading simply because I’ve already seen the movie or television show and don’t want the movie ruined for me.

(I’ve also refused to watch The Book Thief simply because I loved the book and don’t want it ruined. Go figure.)

But here’s a list of five books that I haven’t read simply because I’ve watched the movie. (I might be confessing some book lover sin here, but here we go.) I should have it noted that I do own all of these books and keep them for one reason or another.

  1. Day After Tomorrow – I have no complaints about this movie. As far as apocalyptic films with original end of world plotlines go, it’s great. I found the book several years ago in a freebie bin and grabbed it up. It’s since sat in boxes and later on a shelf for the past couple of years collecting dust. At one point I said I was going to get to it but let’s be honest here, do we ever get to those “eventually” TBR’s.
  2. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – This is another one of those books I meant to read and have attempted to on several occasions. Perhaps it’s the way Douglas Adams wrote his books that I’ve found it difficult to get into. Don’t get me wrong. I love the story and I’ve watched the movie several times but I just don’t see it happening unless the world actually does come to an end.
  3. Matilda – A childhood favorite and a book that I’ve had since… childhood. This is one of those books that my mom bought me when she realized how much I loved the movie and attempted to read but couldn’t get into it. Think eight years old me trying to picture a movie that I’ve already watched a dozen times and didn’t like it when things started changing. This was back when my love for reading was just starting and my attention span not that great. I’ve kept for sentimental reasons but don’t ever see myself reading it now.
  4. Death Note – Seeing as this one of my all-time favorite anime’s you would think I would have read the mangas. But no. Yet another series of books that I’ve started to read and for whatever reason just haven’t finished. Considering there are twelve books in this series and at the time of falling in love with the anime I was just plain broke. I could always go back one day and get the complete series and read them. Lord knows I love the movies (Japanese version not that one that Netflix put out.) as well as the anime itself.
  5. Pet Semetary – Honestly don’t know why I haven’t read this one yet. It’s a Stephen King novel and I do I love his books, but its either because the hype for it hasn’t been all that great or I’ve seen the movie (newest adaption anyway) and wasn’t all that impressed. The only thing that even remotely frightened me was the relationship between the mom and her older sister. (Or lack thereof.) Either way, it’s on my TBR just somewhere at the bottom when I run out of everything else.

So, yes those are five books that I have seen the movie adaptions and just haven’t bothered to read them. Some of them I might get some flake for but oh well. Whatever some books that you’ve seen the movie adaption to and just haven’t bothered to read the books, or vise versa? Maybe you have a favorite book that you refuse to ruin with a movie. Just let me know in the comment and until next time.