A list of anthologies that feature my short stories as well as many other amazing authors. Please, leave a review if you happen to read any one of them, it helps not only your fellow readers but the authors and publisher as well.


Title: Angels: A Divine Microfiction Anthology
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 2
My Story: A Wolf’s Confession
Blurb: Beatific angels, holy wars, kitty saviours, epic battles between good and evil,           devils and demons, fallen angels and many more tantalising tiny tales of blasphemy           and piety.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
 Available Here!                                                                                              


Title: Beyond: A paranormal microfiction
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 4
My Story: Simple Reminders
Blurb: Micro myths of the paranormal; poltergeists, spirit boards, ghosts and ghouls, avenging apparitions and horrifying hauntings.
 Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Here!


Title: UNRAVEL: A crime microficiton
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 5
My Story: Who’s is it
Blurb: Murder mysteries, criminal chronicles, whodunnits, revenge, suspicion, mayhem, intrigue, and lots more.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Here! 


Title: Apocalypse: An apocalyptic microfiction anthology
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 6
My Stories: Stay Calm & The Last
Blurb: A post-apocalyptic adventure of tiny proportions. Venture into the unknown, into a time when society has broken down and every man, woman and child (and the odd monster or alien) must fight for themselves.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
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Title: Love: A Dark Microfiction
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 7
My Story: Carving Into Your Heart
Blurb: Twisted tales of love in tiny proportions.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
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Title: Hate: A Dark Microfiction
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 8
My Story: Enough
Blurb: Dark tales of hate and revenge in bite-sized chunks.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
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Title: Oceans: A Dark Microfiction.
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 9
My Stories: A New Friend, Easy Kill, Finding Closure, Where’s the Rum?
Blurb: Savage sirens, selkies, sailors, serpents, suckers, and sea monsters.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Now

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 Title: Bad Romance Genre: Horror, Anti-Valentine
My Story:  A Good Heart
Blurb: Rah-rah-ah-ah-ahhhh, roh-ma-rohma-mah
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Here


Title: Blood and Beetles. Genre: Horror, Insectophobia
My Story: Janet’s Price
Blurb: For every single living person on this planet there are over two million insects. Whether we recognize it over not, they are the masters over this world.
With so many creepy crawlies, our amazing group of award winning horror authors saw fit to give you a double dose of insectophobia with takes including
A Worm King, a college facility that tests the effects of a new sting, a town overrun with deadly cicadas, a husband’s guilty conscience, and many others.
All of these stories are guaranteed to give you the creeps and force you to fight the urge to itch.
Let them get under your skin.
Publisher : Suicide House Publishing
Available Now



Title: Scary Snippets: Family Edition
My Story: Carter Hates Coming Homes.
Blurb: Skeletons in the closet.
Disappointments Rooms.
Cellars that lead to torture chambers.
Houses are not always homes.
Those we love the most have a dark side and in this first collection it will be made plainly clear that no secret is safe. Read about abusive parents, generational curses and shameful relatives in this terrifying anthology that brings out the worst in all of us.
Be sure to check out the second collection so that your family can revel in the darkness festering inside their souls.
Publisher: Suicide House Publishing
Available Now


Sibling Edition
Scary Snippets Sibling Edition
My Story: No More
Blurb: They say blood is thicker than water.
But some siblings turn out to be Cain and Abel. Others become Bonnie and Clyde. In this second collection of family horror that focuses on blood battles that have been waged since the dawn of time.
Discover wicked stepsisters, bully brothers and take sides in sibling rivalry that is guaranteed to leave no one unscathed. Be sure to check out the first collection so that your whole family can get a glimpse into the dark side that lives within our walls.
Publisher: Suicide House Publishing
Available Now