A list of anthologies that feature my short stories as well as many other amazing authors. Please, leave a review if you happen to read any one of them, it helps not only your fellow readers but the authors and publisher as well.


Title: Angels: A Divine Microfiction Anthology
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 2
My Story: A Wolf’s Confession
Blurb: Beatific angels, holy wars, kitty saviours, epic battles between good and evil,           devils and demons, fallen angels and many more tantalising tiny tales of blasphemy           and piety.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
 Available Here!                                                                                              


Title: Beyond: A paranormal microfiction
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 4
My Story: Simple Reminders
Blurb: Micro myths of the paranormal; poltergeists, spirit boards, ghosts and ghouls, avenging apparitions and horrifying hauntings.
 Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Here!


Title: UNRAVEL: A crime microficiton
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 5
My Story: Who’s is it
Blurb: Murder mysteries, criminal chronicles, whodunnits, revenge, suspicion, mayhem, intrigue, and lots more.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Here! 


Title: Apocalypse: An apocalyptic microfiction anthology
Series: Dark Drabbles Book 6
My Stories: Stay Calm & The Last
Blurb: A post-apocalyptic adventure of tiny proportions. Venture into the unknown, into a time when society has broken down and every man, woman and child (and the odd monster or alien) must fight for themselves.
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Available Here! 

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 Title: Bad Romance Genre: Horror, Anti-Valentine
My Story:  A Good Heart
Blurb: Rah-rah-ah-ah-ahhhh, roh-ma-rohma-mah
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Availiable Jan. 28th:   Pre-Order Now