Reaching That Pipe Dream

       We all have what’s called a pipe dream. That fantasy in your head that you know will never actually happen but it’s nice to dwell on every now and then. Something that keeps us motivated and heading in the right direction. 

Having these dreams aren’t horrible, they sometimes even help, but you got to stay realistic as well when setting up your goals. We all know that midnight fantasy of being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel is probably never going to happen. Though the idea of seeing your book in a bookstore, and maybe even sitting behind a booth at a book-con is a definite possibility.

As you go into the new year thinking of what you want to accomplish there’s probably a few things that you should keep in mind while writing out that list of goals.

Keep your goals S.M.A.R.T






In other words write out a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve in a certain amount of time. I’m sure about now you’ve all heard of this S.M.A.R.T goal method and have read or watched some video on it. It’s probably one of the more well known of the goal planning methods because it forces you to break down your goal into bite size chunks that you can accomplish with enough persistence and determination.

Last year my only real goal was to be more productive. It was a good enough goal and a obtainable, but I didn’t break it down further then that while planning it out. A mistake I see on my part as I look back over the year.

Was I more productive?


  • I wrote a story.
  • Been through at least 4 round of revisions.
  • Started a vlog/blog. The vlog is on hiatus because of technical difficulties. (I.E. I don’t have a fully functional camera.)
  • Set up a website…sort of. It’s mixed in with the blog which is fine for now.
  • Nudged myself into the writing community with 350 followers on twitter. Not bad for an anti-social who can go weeks on end not talking to anyone unless absolutely necessary. (Husband, kids… get the picture.)

That was just writing goals that I’ve managed to strike off. There was also a couple of trips my husband and I took that knocked a couple things off my bucket list, the 6-weeks of back to school that I did that got me my promotion at work and

…yeah that’s about it.

I’d say that was a pretty productive year and I’m quite proud of the things I’ve accomplished and the things I’ve learned on the way. I’m finding my groove and what works for me and what doesn’t and am more aware of my draw backs.

Like the weeks where I do nothing at all.

At the beginning of 2017 I got into Bullet Journaling. Which is a basic system where you grab a notebook, set up an index and key and depending on what you want, you can either start out a yearly overview of events (Future Log) or dive right in and just make a list of the days in the month, write out what happens in that month and move on to the first day in your BuJo and make a list of things you need to accomplish in that day. What you finish in that day you cross off, what you don’t finish you migrate to the next day / page. Whatever. It really depends on how you setup your Bullet Journal and I’ll leave links so you can check out the original idea by the creator and a few other popular sites because I’m horrid at explaining these sort of things.

Ryder Carroll Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal 101 by BohoBerry

Anyways, I started a Bullet Journal in  the beginning of the year and flipping through I notice a lot of weeks where I just didn’t bother to do anything. Their either blank or the things I had planned aren’t crossed off at all.

I tried to get better at this towards the end of the year when I started noticing the trend and I have. Sort of. These past couple of weeks I’ve caught myself falling back into those grooves of nothingness and I’m fighting it. The fact that I have something to focus on now is a definite plus and I’m hoping to keep at getting better at catching myself in 2018.

The Bullet Journal has worked in keeping me accountable for my time and reminding me when I”m wasting it. Which is what I needed, now I need to take it to the next level and start really focusing on my goals and how I need to accomplish them.

Which is where the S.M.A.R.T goals system comes in.

I have three main goals this year.

  1.  Publish Stop the Raven   

Or at the very least begin the process via querying agents and publishers.

I believe I’m close to this goal. A few more CP / Beta reads and I can fix what’s wrong and hopefully move to the next step.

During that time period I’m also going to be researching agents and publishers and all those diddly bits. I have to research on how to research all that. If you know what I mean. (So much research)

      2. Is a personal goal.

          Something I’ve been saying I would do year in and year out and really need to focus on it this year. I think you are getting this gist of this so I won’t go into details.3.

      3. Build on my author’s plateform. 

      Again this is going to require research on how to get better at this, cause if this year has proven anything .I suck at this part.

  • Blogging regularly seems to be part of it.
  • Buying a Camera at some point to start vlogging again will help
  • And of course other bits and pieces that I’m working on. (Like the not talking to people for weeks on end.)

For now that’s what I got. Those are the three big plans for 2018 and I don’t think I’ve thought of anything totally extreme. I’m hoping this year is going to be as amazing as 2017 was for me.

What about any of you? Any goals that you are wanting to achieve, or any other methods to reaching those goals. I would love to hear them.

Happy New Year everyone!

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