Day Seventeen || The key to your success — You

Summary: Part of being successful is being you 100% of the time.

Day seventeen exercise: What do you love most about being you? Grab your journal and make a list. Refer back to this list whenever you need a confidence boost or when you have a freak out moment. 

    So, when I first read this exercise I found myself coming up with a blank. It’s not every day that we are asked to think of some positive things about yourself. Usually, we’re too focused on the all of our negatives

I’m no different. I can list three things off the top of my head that I dislike about myself right now. 

-Impatient -Undisciplined -consistently inconsistent. 

And that’s just three, but we won’t go into that.

So, it took a bit to actually think of a few things that I do like about myself. 

 -Determined -Lovably strange -Good with organized chaos. 

Obviously, I tried to think of things that weren’t stereotypical. and think I wound up with exactly what I tried to avoid. Either way, its’ things I do like about myself and I’ll stick with those until other things come up.

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